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2nd Quarter 2017 Chili Cookoffs: (coming soon)


  • Caddo Area Council Boy Scout HOMESTYLE Chili Cookoff @ Texarkana, TX
  • Mississippi State - Crossroads Chili Cookoff @ Corinth, MS - Historic Corinth Depot
  • Perris Valley Chili Cookoff @ Perris, CA - American Legion Post 595


  • Lake Havasu Boat Show & Chili Cookoff @ Lake Havasu City, AZ - Windsor Beach State Park
  • Red Bluff Roundup @ Red Bluff, CA - Historic Downtown Red Bluff
  • South Carolina Chili Cookoff Championship @ Belton, SC Main Street Belton


  • Texas State Chili Cookoff @ Dallas, TX - Southern Methodist University


  • Arkansas State Chili Cookoff @ Holiday Island, AR - Holiday Island Country Club
  • Main Street Heat Chili Cookoff @ Mt. Airy, MD - Historic Downtown


  • Michigan State @ Redford Township, MI - Hubert-Fortie-O'Grady VFW Post
  • North Carolina Pickle Festival HOMESTYLE Chili Cookoff @ Mount Olive, NC
  • Sunshine Foundation Chili Cookoff @ Davenport, FL - Sunshine Foundation Dream Vill
  • The New York State Chili Cookoff @ Staten Island, NY - Historic Richmond Town


  • Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks Chili Cookoff & Classic Car Show @ Thousand Oaks, CA - Conejo Creek North


  • Lake Park Chili Cookoff @ Lake Park, FL - Kelsey Park
  • New England Regional Chili Cookoff @ Somers, CT - Pleasant View Cafe & Golf




  • Cruise for Sight Car Show and Chili Cookoff @ Redlands, CA - Sylvan Park


  • Chili on the Comstock Chili Cookoff @ Virginia City, NV - "C" Street
  • Utah State @ St. George, UT - St. George Town Square


  • Virginia City Regional Chili Cookoff @ Virginia City, NV - "C" Street


  • Catalina Island Chili Cookoff @ Avalon, CA - South Beach
  • Lincoln Prairie Trail Cookoff @ Taylorville, IL - Palomino Club
  • New Jersey State Chili Cookoff @ Toms River, NJ - Washington Street
  • Old Town Elk Grove Chili Cookoff & HOMESTYLE @ Elk Grove, CA - Old Town Elk Grove Festival


  • Southside Chili Shuffle Cookoff @ Taylorville, IL - Palomino Club


  • California State Cookoff @ Riverside, CA - Arlington Village
  • The Palmetto State Chili Cookoff @ Fountain Inn, SC - Main Street




  • Huntington Beach Elks Regional @ Huntington Beach, CA - HB Elks Lodge
  • Wheeling Feeling Regional & Homestyle @ Wheeling, WV - Heritage Port Waterfront
  • Wild Willies Regional @ Omaha, NE - Dodge Park


  • George's Ride & Chilifest @ Southington, CT - Cadilac Ranch Restaurant
  • Molloy's District @ Colma, CA - Historical Old Molloy's
  • Nebraska State @ Omaha, NE - Dodge Park
  • Tustin Street Fair & Chili Cookoff @ Tustin, CA - Tustin Old Town


  • Missouri State @ Clarksville, MO - Riverfront Park
  • Route 66 Chili Cookoff @ Flagstaff, AZ - Thorpe Park


  • Arizona State @ Flagstaff, AZ - Thorpe Park


  • Cook's Corner Regional Chili Cookoff @ Trabuco Canyon, CA - Cook's Corner Bar & Pub
  • Sangamon County Fair Regional Chili Cookoff @ New Berlin, IL - Sangamon County Fair Regional
  • Smoke on the Water Chili Cookoff @ Charleston, WV - Haddad Riverfront Park


  • Maryland State - WTMD Rock & Roll Chili Bowl @ Towson, MD - Plaza
  • Mountain State Chili Cookoff @ Sandpoint, ID - Trinity at City Beach


  • Idaho State @ Sandpoint, ID - Trinity at City Beach





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International News:

Only Time Magazine could come up with this one:  Chile Peppers & Global Warming. Duh?!

Here's one for "Don't Try This At Home!" A chef dies after eating a super hot chile in England.

What do chili pepper pain receptors and irritable bowel syndrome have in common? Yup, as you probably guessed, this research comes straight from the United Kingdom.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the United States ranked fifth in pepper production in 2007, the latest year gathered. China is by far the largest producer, followed by Turkey and Mexico.

Time Magazine headline writers had fun with this one: Red Hot Chili Peppers turn 6,000 years old! Sounds like a tabloid headline, but this is a little bit of science and a little bit of history.

Okay, maybe the debate over which is the hottest pepper on earth is over. Well, at least for now.

Mexicans are getting a little hot under the collar over an invasion of Chinese chiles, USA Today reports. Ay Carumba!

National News:

Most of us who enjoy eating chile peppers do so for their great taste and health benefits, but most of all for their HEAT! However, for those who aren't tough enough to handle chili pepper spice, here's a link with a few tips from Indiana's Newscenter on how to cool HOT chiles down.

Here are a few interesting tips on growing your own red hot chili peppers.

Is the new United States President Barack Obama, a chili fan? You betcha! Obama stopped by Washington D.C.'s famous Ben's Chili Bowl just before taking office. But, would President Obama eat free?

Straight from the heart of Texas, scientists from Texas A&M have spent the better part of the past few years helping to develop new hybrid chile plants with intent to help U.S. chili farmers produce a tastier, healthier, and more productive chilli crop.

As it turns out, you better think twice before attempting to fight off an army of attacking naked mole rats with chile peppers or pepper spray. And you thought you were safe!

Forget Tylenol. Forget Advil. Forget Morphine! A new hot chili-pepper-based anesthetic may offer better pain relief during childbirth, surgery, or other painful situations than conventional anesthetics, CBS News reports.

We all know the burn chile peppers can give us. But what does that have in common with tarantula venom?

Heat is good. Chile heat, that is! A chile's ability to burn protects the chile itself AND helps our species as well. Sounds like a win-win to us.

And, along this same line of "survival of the fittest" is an interesting piece on peppers defending themselves from infections and insects, from Talk of the Nation radio show. In addition, the University of Florida paid a visit to Arizona to study this survival mechanism.

The United States International Trade Commission published their November 2007 report monitoring U.S. pepper import and exports. You can download the full .PDF of the report here.

So really, what is the correct spelling of Chiles or Chilis or is it Chilies? From one of our favorite spice blogs at

Arizona News:

Arizona had been working on a new state slogan to entice tourists-- and their money-- to visit the hot state. This joke web site pulls some of the funnier slogans from the story in the Arizona Republic that didn't quite make the cut, including several chili pepper references. 

Chile Peppers: The Science Behind The Spice - a National Public Radio interview with Arizona chile farmer Ed Curry and Jean England Neubauer, owner of Santa Cruz Chili and Spice Company.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department posts an Arizona chili plant abstract .PDF online. Not very exciting, but a lot of information for that extreme chili pepper lover.

The Phoenix area's East Valley Tribune turns to a chili logo to represent its own web site just as the chile represents a taste of the Southwest.

Where does the good stuff in salsa come from? Find out from this NPR Science Friday program and video. If you've had supermarket salsa, you've probably eaten one of Ed Curry's chile peppers. He's a top pepper breeder in Southeast Arizona just down the road from where Geronimo and Cochise once played cowboys-and-indians. Visit Ed's farm and find out how the heat gets in chiles.

National Public Radio's Weekend Edition features a piece on Arizona's Wild Chile Botanical Preserve and a closer look at the chiltepin pepper.


Even More Chile Pepper Facts!

variety of chili peppers. photo by Ryan Stevenson

© Ryan B. Stevenson


• In the country of Chile, chiles are actually known as ají.

• Ed Curry of the Curry Seed & Chile Company in Pearce, Arizona grows about 90% of the seeds for the green chile industry in the United States.

• Chiles comprise over 12 percent of the country’s daily diet.

• Chiles are healthy! Peppers are low in sodium and calories and are cholesterol free. Chilis are a good source of vitamins A, B, C, and E, folic acid, and potassium.

• Eating chiles can help with digestion. The capsaicin in chiles increases gastric secretions and the flow of saliva, both combining to ease the digestion process.

• The world’s largest chile ristra was created in September of 2008 at the New Mexico State Fair. The string of chiles took 5 hours and 45 minutes to create, measured 157.7 feet in length, and weighed a hefty 3,250 pounds!