Eat More Chilies
Whether you spell it Chile, Chili, or Chilies, what really matters is how these chile peppers tickle your taste buds!

chile de arbol. chile peppers photo copyright AZP Worldwide / All Rights ReservedWhy Eat More Chiles? For starters, to stimulate your senses. And ours! They're delicious, nutritious, and sexy! Yes, sexy! Those curves, that meaty flesh, the diverse colors. Chiles are medicinal. And they're fun! It wasn't until a renowned travel magazine asked our photography company to photograph a feature story on the Arizona chile industry did we realize just how HOT - and COOL - peppers are. We photographed Arizona chiles from seed to harvest, and along the way met a number of fascinating people and ate an enormous variety of chili peppers. All of this combined to hatch the idea of a new chili website just for fun! So, we are featuring our chile photos, providing some hot and spicy news about peppers, and sharing our love for chiles. Did you know in the American Southwest chili peppers represent a sense of place, warmth and friendliness. Across Arizona, Old Mexico, New Mexico and Texas, families hang clusters of peppers called chili ristras welcoming friends and family to their homes. So we welcome you...


Hello 2015 - Spring Deal - Arizona Chile Poster

chile poster food poster Copyright AZP Worldwide / All Rights ReservedThank you to all those who purchased the Arizona Chile Poster in support of our fallen Arizona wildland firefighters!

2015 New Year Sale! With the purchase of any number of Arizona Chile Posters, receive a poster for FREE! That's one smokin' hot deal!

Our love for chilis gave birth to several chili pepper products. We first commissioned award winning graphic designer Barbara Glynn Denney of Scottsdale, Arizona to take our concept of a chile pepper poster and morph it into a piece of art. The Arizona Chile Poster is a wonderful gift to frame or hang in both peoples' homes and corporate offices. And there's more in our gift shop. Check it out!

chile pepper recipes cookbook. Copyright AZP Worldwide / All Rights ReservedSubmit Your Recipe...

Win a FREE Chili Poster...

And Get Published!

Sure, there are a number of chili cook books out there, but none like the one we're creating! So be a part of history. We'll select 30 or more of your favorite recipes from the submissions sent in between now and the end of the year. If your recipe is chosen, we will send you a FREE Chile Poster! And, your recipe and name will appear in this photographic chile cookbook! You can find the contest rules on our Recipes page.

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