Eat More Chilis

Eat More Chilies

Red Chile:

Generally, chile peppers are of various red and green colors. Red chile is a general term for chilis which have matured from a green to a red color. The most common species of chiles are: Capsicum annuum, which includes many common varieties such as bell peppers and jalapeños; Capsicum frutescens, which includes cayenne and tabasco peppers; Capsicum chinense, which includes the hottest peppers, such as the habanero and the Scotch bonnet; Capsicum pubescens, which includes the South American rocoto peppers; and Capsicum baccatum, which includes the Ají Amarillo and Lemon drop.

The common red pepper found in the southwest US, used for mild salsas and sauces, rates between 500 and 750 Scoville heat units on the heat index scale.

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Heat of Chilis